the last war is over

After more than a century of civil war, the factions that once comprised the Kingdom of Galifar— the greatest human civilization in the history of the world— have finally been shocked into an uneasy armistice.

One hundred years of war has left Khorvaire a land of ruin. Once, a man could walk from the Barren Sea all the way to the Lhazaar unscathed and unafraid, but those days are over. Cities and towns— most greatly reduced from their former splendor— shine as points of light, promising a place of relative safety in an expanse of wild, lawless dark.

Once more, there are monsters.

Governments teeter on the brink of collapse, their coffers drained by constant war. The corporate powers of the Dragonmarked Houses, having seen their fortunes boom in the time of strife, wield power to rival any prince’s court, yet are not so bound by the rule of law.

Once more, there are tyrants.

But the destruction of all that was has left room for the construction of all that could be. The wealthy, the brave, the desperate and the foolish all seek to use this opportunity— for progress, for country, for greed.

Once more, there is adventure.

there is no present or future— only the past happening over and over again, now

Future Perfect

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