the republic of zilargo

Homeland of the gnomes, Zilargo has maintained its independence since the first days of the Galifaran empire—through negotiation, trickery and intrigue. When King Galifar’s forces advanced upon them, they met him at the border and immediately surrendered, negotiating their status as an independent province within his kingdom.

The gnomes of Zilargo spent the first half of the Last War as independent observers, before allying with their Brelish neighbors to the north—supplying them with intelligence and weapons while staying clear of direct combat.

Zilargo’s gnomes are keen shipwrights and the only people in Khorvaire who know the ancient secrets of elemental binding, which allows them to produce unique magic items: from elemental-bound weapons to the lightning coaches used by House Orien to House Lyrandar’s elemental galleons and airships. They are highly inquisitive and engage in intrigue, espionage and even blackmail as a natural part of their everyday life.

Based in Korranberg— Zilargo’s largest and most famous city, though not its capital— House Sivis (run by gnomes bearing the Mark of Scribing) are responsible for mediation, communications, record-keeping and notarizing throughout Khorvaire. Over their long existence, they have established a solid reputation for absolute neutrality and confidentiality, maintaining both the world-renown Library of Korranberg and the Korranberg Chronicle, Khorvaire’s most respected newspaper.

Capital: Trolanport

Ruling Body: The Triumverate


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