the military protectorate of valenar

Most elves ostill live on the island of Aerenal, but a small, martially-inclined faction arrived in Khorvaire during the Last War, answering a call for help (and offer of payment) from Cyre.

In return for their mercenary services, the elves of the Valaes Tairn exacted a surprisingly high price—control of a huge, mostly-arid swath of Cyran land, citing an ancient territorial claim that dated back to before humans came to Khorvaire. Cyre might have argued matters, but the Day of Mourning eliminated that possibility, and the elves’ claim to Valenar was acknowledged in the Treaty of Thronehold.

The Valaenar, like all elves, seek to venerate their ancestors, but they choose a very particular way of doing so: Drawing upon legends of their distant ancestors’ successful rebellion against the long-ago kingdom of the giants, they seek to venerate these ancestors by emulating their legendary feats in battle.

As a result, elves of Valenar are a martial culture above all else, seeking conflict for its own sake. Divided into highly mobile horse-clans, they regularly conduct raids on opposing clans, the neighboring Talenta Plains, and even push north as far as Karrnath in search of goods and worthy challenges. They are not truly expansionist—they just want to fight, as gloriously as possible.

The Valaenar have no formal national government and spend much of their time warring against each other across the Blade Desert. Despite their bellicose culture, the clans of Valenar are quick to unite against any foreign opponent—whether on the field of battle or in a court of diplomacy. The Valaenar are famous throughout Khorvaire for both their martial prowess and colloquial phrase that has become something of their credo: “I against my brother; I and my brother against our cousin; I and my brother and our cousin against the world.”

Capital: Taer Valaestas

Ruling Body: Clan lords, who elect a War Leader as needed


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