the pious kingdom of sacred thrane

One of the original Five Nations of Galifar, Thrane is perhaps the most changed by the century-long Last War.

Ostensibly a monarchy ruled by Wynarn Diani, Thrane has become a de facto theocracy over the last several decades. In the aftermath of the Last War, the Church of the Silver Flame has come to wield almost complete and unquestioned authority— its laws, though announced by Queen Diani, are in fact written by the church’s Council of Cardinals and its matriarch, Daran Jaela.

Unlike the other Five Nations, Thrane shares each of its borders with another nation. This inconvenient geography left Thrane the most vulnerable during the Last War, and it suffered more than any other nation (save Cyre, though that unfortunate scale didn’t shift until the Day of Mourning). Faced with famine and the need to levy heavy taxes to fund a war on four fronts, the monarchy swiftly lost the support of its people, and the Church was quick to fill the vacuum of power— solidifying its popularity with the seemingly-impossible siege and capture of the Aundairan city of Thaliost, which it still controls to this day.

Thrane is also noteworthy for its persecution of wielders of arcane magic (deemed “a blight upon the soul” by the Church) and its century-old pogrom against lycanthropes— especially shifters.

Capital: Flamekeep

Ruling Body: Keeper of the Flame Daran Jaela and the Council of Cardinals; Queen Wynarn Diani (figurehead)


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