Talenta Plains

the talenta plains

Stretching from the southern border of Karrnath to the Blade Desert north of Valenar, the vast grasslands of the Talenta Plains are the ancestral home of Khorvaire’s native halfling population.

Just as their forefathers did long before humanity’s arrival on the continent, the Talenta halflings lead a nomadic life. Large, family-centric bands of Talenti follow the wandering packs of dinosaurs across the steppe, hunting, herding and taming the great beasts in an ages-old symbiotic relationship.

The only stationary settlement in the Talenta Plains is Gatherhold, base of operations for the hospitalers of House Ghallanda, built into rocky outcroppings on the eastern shore of Lake Cyre.

Capital: Gatherhold (unofficial)

Ruling Body: none

Talenta Plains

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