Shadow Marches

the shadow marches

The Shadow Marches are a large area of fens and fells in the west of Khorvaire, largely cut off from the rest of the continent by mountain ranges.

Inhabited by a wide variety of tribes composed largely of orcs, humans and half-orcs, the Shadow Marches would be largely ignored by the rest of Khorvaire if not for the fact that it contains the richest deposits of Eberron Dragonshards on the continent—essential for the creation of magic items, these crystals are worth more than gold, platinum or mithral.

The Shadow Marches have no unified government, nor has anyone claimed control of the region. Instead, tribal leaders are locked into a constant struggle for territory, though most violent conflict ended after the Treaty of Thronehold officially recognized the Shadow Marches as a sovereign nation.

If any one faction could be said to control the balance of power, it would be House Tharashk, though they are careful to avoid direct rule or overt power brokering. Zarash’ak— the largest settlement in the Shadow Marches and its nominal capital— is home to House Tharashk’s base of operations, and Tharashk guards enforce a dictate of neutrality and non-violence within the city limits.

Capital: Zarash’ak

Ruling Body: None

Shadow Marches

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