the kingdom of q’barra

One of the last true frontiers of mainland Khorvaire, this dense jungle region nestles on Khorvaire’s south-eastern edge.

Recognized as a sovereign power by the Treaty of Thronehold at the urging of Kesslan Ven, a Cyran duke, Q’barra’s human population is comprised almost entirely of Cyran refugees, though it has attracted humans from each of the Five Nations who wish to preserve and eventually re-create the Empire of Galifar.

The current ruler, King Kesslan Sebastes, established the stronghold of Newthrone to serve as his capital and has declared that his land is now called “New Galifar”. The name has not caught on, and Newthrone—like all human settlements in Q’barra—is frequently attacked by the native population.

The vast majority of the lands of Q’barra are untamed rainforest, and most of its denizens are lizardfolk, not human. Living deep in the jungle, these tribes have formed a civilization whose extent is a mystery most of Khorvaire’s civilized nations.

What is known is that structures that would suggest a large city peak above the canopy in northern Q’Barra, and the southern regions hold a large number of ancient ruins, possibly dating back to the Age of Demons.

Q’barra is rumored to be the birthplace of all Khorvaire’s dragonborn.

Capital: Newthrone

Ruling Body: Kesslan Sebastes


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