Mror Holds

the mror holds

East of the Talenta Plains lie the massive twin ranges of the Ironroot and Hoarfrost Mountains. Here, the twelve ancient clans of the dwarves reside. Once prone to almost-constant inter-clan battles, they have now settled into an oligarchy.

Eleven of the twelve clans sends Speaker to sit on the Iron Council, the legislative body of the dwarves. The Council names one of its members as Arbiter, who directs the agenda and acts as primary diplomatic contact for foreign powers. As a Dragonmarked House, Clan Kundarak is technically forbidden from actively participating in government by the Korth Edicts, though it does send a “auditor” to observe Council meetings. The extent of Clan Kundarak’s actual power is unknown, though rumors abound.

The Mror Holds are perhaps the richest nation in Khorvaire: the region enjoys a wealth of minerals, metals and gems, plus the Mrorsh dwarves are excellent metalworkers. House Kundarak, governed by a clan bearing the Mark of Warding, operate Khorvaire’s foremost financial institution, maintaining banks (and other interests) throughout the continent.

Capital: Krona Peak

Ruling Body: The Iron Council—Mroranon Torlan, Arbiter

Mror Holds

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