lhazaar principalities

the lhazaar principalities

An extremely loose confederation of city-states, the Lhazaar Principalities occupy both Khorvaire’s north-eastern coastline and the many islands bordering it.

These islands are ruled by merchant-princes for whom the size of one’s fleet is more imprtant than how much land one owns. Borderline pirates (and some well over the line), they compete for control of the rich trading routes along Khorvaire’s coastline.

While the principalities recognize no unified government, one of the princes claims the title of High Prince and acts as something of a representative to foreign courts and emissaries. The exact method by which one becomes the High Prince is unknown to outsiders, but the size of one’s fleet appears to be a factor.

The current High Prince, Rygar, has caused a stir in the courts of Khorvaire by using the family name Wynarn and claiming royal blood. The validity of his claim to the line of Galifar has yet to be determined.

The Principalities are the only coastal region in which House Lyrandar have failed to dominate the naval trade—a situation they would very much like to correct.

Capital: Regalport

Ruling Body: Wynarn Rygar (if any)

lhazaar principalities

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