the keeper

Sovereign of death, decay, and avarice, The Keeper is the twin of Kol Korran and the inverse of his brother’s focus on material wealth and generosity. He is the hunger in the dark, grabbing hold of anyone straying too far from the light. It is said that he alone is able to waylay dead souls on their way to Dolurrh, never to escape.

Because of his association with souls and the afterlife he has become the de facto deity of necromancers across Eberron. Not coincidentally, Karrnath has more shrines dedicated to The Keeper than any other nation in Khorvaire.

The son of Onatar and Olladra and the brother of Kol Korran, The Keeper is often portrayed as either a sickeningly gaunt or grossly fat human, a lich or ghoul, or sometimes a skeletal dragon.

Portolio: Death, Entropy, Greed, Hunger, Time
Domains: Death, Decay, Evil, Greed, Hunger, Pact
Holy Symbol: A fang carved from obsidian or a Khyber dragonshard
Favored Weapon: Scythe


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