the kingdom of karrnath

Another of the five Old Kingdoms, Karrnath is half fertile farmland and half dense woodland.

The Kingdom is ruled by the human descendants of Karrn and has the strictest military tradition of all Khorvaire; every Karrnathi citizen is required to fulfill two years of military service. Though they are largely industrialized, Karrnathi society is the most beholden to the ancient customs of jnan, and King Kaius III is the first to criticize other sovereigns for failing to uphold the old ways.

Despite their proud adherence to tradition, Karrnath is unique among the older nations of Khorvaire for the state-sponsored practice of necromancy to bolster the Karrnathi military, as well as their tolerance of the Blood of Vol cult.

Capital: Karrn

Ruling Body: Wynarn Kaius III


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