House Rules

1|players drive the story

Eberron is a pre-made campaign setting, it’s true, but ultimately you will determine what happens. So, you drive the story—including (but not limited to) off a cliff.

I won’t stop you out-of-game from doing whatever you want in-game: If you want to walk into the Mournland at 1st level and challenge the Lord of Blades to a duel, you will almost certainly die. All of you might die, and I’m not going to save you. Still, you’re free to try.

2|no evil characters

I’m just not going to deal with someone who wants to kill every NPC they meet. It quickly becomes unrealistically consequence-free, or I need to deal with the hassle of creating groups of lawmen tracking one selfish PC down, and it diverts from everyone’s game. So, no evil characters.

3|be excellent to each other

Some games devolve into party in-fighting, sometimes even player-vs-player violence. This will not be one of those games. I’m counting on all of you to make characters that can find ways to deal with a disagreement that aren’t just hitting the other guy.

At the same time, I’m counting on you to not make characters that are intentionally super annoying or intend to inspire violence.

If you decide to play Noblin Gob, the chaotic-neutral gnomish wizard who loves stealing people’s clothing while they sleep and transmuting them into used bugbear condoms, you are asking for a beating. Since I am asking the players to not dispense any beatings, it is also your responsibility to not solicit them.

4|you don’t need to know all the rules

I certainly don’t know them all, so I can’t expect any more of you.

5|you do need to know what you can do

Just like it sounds. Luckily, this edition operates on power cards. We’ll be starting at 1st level to get a feel for our classes, but then we’re jumping in level, so have those cards handy.

6|be mean to me

I don’t want to run a game the players aren’t interested in. I will only know what you like and don’t like if you tell me—constructive criticism won’t hurt my feelings, and can only make the game better.

7|awesome people get awesome things

Eberron is a pulp-adventure world, which means it is a world of extremes. The game will be a little over-the-top, and I encourage you all to play your characters as such. Succeeding in risky-but-awesome stunts or particularly good roleplaying will earn you bonus Action Points.

House Rules

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