Eldeen Reaches

the eldeen reaches

The Eldeen Reaches were once a part of Aundair, though proper settlements were largely confined to its fertile eastern plains. Most of the region is covered by the Towering Wood, a wild and untamed forest that is home to shifters, druids and fey.

The Reaches didn’t secede from Aundair, so much as Aundair’s government abandoned the Reaches to secure the defense of its heartland during the Last War.

For the last four decades, the Eldeen Reaches have officially been under the protection and guidance of Oalian, a five-thousand-year-old awakened great pine and master druid. While much of the Reaches are untamed, they are kept in relative order by the dozen druidic sects that patrol the length and breadth of the land.

Capital: Greenheart

Ruling Body: N/A

Eldeen Reaches

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