the united clans of darguun

Before the arrival of humans from Sarlona, the hobgoblins ruled Khorvaire as the Empire of Dhakaan, the greatest civilization of its time (in fact, the towering buildings of Sharn are built on Dhakaani foundations).

While Dhakaan has long since vanished— and the preeminence of the goblinoid races with it, a gifted hobgoblin called the Lhesh Haruuc seized the opportunity the Last War presented, and with it a sizable portion of the former nation of Cyre. Renaming the land Darguun, the Lesh Haruuc declared sovereignty in the year 969 YK and was formally recognized in the Thronehold Accords of 996.

Capital: Rhukaan Draal

Ruling Body: The Lhesh Haruuc, Warchief


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