the progenitor wyrms

Long ago, before such petty things as time were marked, there was an Age of Dragons. It was an age of wonders, as fleeting as it was extraordinary. It was a time of infinite opportunity, but that chance is gone now—a lilting moment of promise destroyed, just as the world destroys all beautiful things. It is not the beginning, but it is a beginning, and that will have to be enough.

In this beginning, the first and mightiest of the dragons were Khyber, Eberron, and Siberys. No one knows if they wrote the Prophecy or merely discovered it, but this much is certain: Khyber and Siberys became consumed by it and waged war upon each other for its sake. Eberron, fearing for the safety of all that was and would ever be, sought to come between them, and the world was broken and reborn.

Khyber became the Dragon Below, imprisoned deep under the new world’s surface, spawning all manner of dark and creeping things and plotting his escape; Siberys became the Dragon Above, shattered and spread beyond the sky, circling the new world and bringing light where there was only darkness; Eberron, the Dragon Between, became the world itself, healing the wounds of the War of Legend and bringing forth new forms of life, ignorant of the wonder that preceded them but filled with hope nonetheless.

But this is just what old men and priests tell children. Perhaps none of this ever really happened. Perhaps the intrigues and adventures of the peoples of Eberron are all that exist and ever existed. Perhaps.

the planes

the dragon above
the dragon between
the dragon below
baator, the nine hells dal quor, realm of dreams fernia, the sea of fire
daanvi, the perfect order dolurrh, the shadowfell kythri, the churning chaos
irian, the eternal day thelanis, the feywild risia, the plane of ice
lamannia, the twilight forest
mabar, the endless night
shavarath, the battleground
syrania, the azure sky
the far realm, the realm of madness

map of the cosmos

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