the kingdom of breland

One of the Old Kingdoms of Galifar, Breland once occuppied the southwest quarter of Khorvaire, covering the land it holds today, as well as what is now Droaam, the Shadow Marches, and Zilargo.

The most industrialized nation in Khorvaire, Breland is criss-crossed by lighting rail lines and home to Sharn, the largest and most awe-inspiring city in the world.

Breland is governed by a joint body: the monarchy, with King Boranel its head, is charged with enforcing the law and maintaining the peace, while Parliament (half elected, half hereditary) is empowered with writing new laws. This unique system of government makes Breland the most democritized of the Old Kingdoms.

Capital: Wroat

Ruling Body: Wyrnarn Boranel and Parliament


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