the kingdom of aundair

One of the Old Kingdoms of Galifar, now reduced in size by half.

Most of the kingdom is farmland, though the metropolis of Fairhaven is among the largest and most advanced cities of Khorvaire (a fact that Queen Aurala is careful to reiterate as often as possible). Also noteworthy is Arcanix, the most respected center of arcane learning and practice in all Khorvaire and home to the University of Wynarn and the Arcane Congress.

During the Last War, Aundair caused a scandal by gifting the island of Stormhome to House Lyrandar, becoming the first nation to openly and directly violate the centuries-old Korth Edicts, which prohibited the Dragonmarked Houses from owning land.

Capital: Fairhaven

Ruling Body: Wynarn Aurala


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